~  Our Mission Statement  ~


We're a shop dedicated to the traditions of the past, when times were a little gentler and life was a little kinder.  In view of the hectic times in which we live today, we felt a calm, quiet " piece of the past " would be a pleasant shopping environment.

We believe that God, Home & Family are the core of life. A God centered home is so important in todays daily living. Home should be a haven of beauty, comfort and relaxation. A home where love, forgiveness, and nurture are the focus can only make life better for everyone.

25th Anniversary ~ In October, 2013, we celebrated 25 years of creating Home Decor and Gifts, making Memories, and providing hand crafted products, that began as " Memory Maker ", October 1st, 1988. 

Rose-Covered Cottage.com and Cottage Comforts.net are a family run business hoping to serve your family home décor, and gift giving needs, with an old fashioned pride in Quality products, and full customer service.

Nancy Brewer, at your service ...


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